Computed Tonography (CT) scan – or CAT scan – is a medical imaging method that combines a series of x-ray images in order to create cross-sectional images of various body parts. Physicians order CT scans for a host of reasons, namely to create images of the head, bones, organs, blood vessels, soft tissues and even heart. Because the images are so detailed, this type of scan allows medical professionals to better analyze and diagnose a patient. Using a combination of x-ray images and a computer, a CT scan will provide cross-sectional images – also referred to as slices – of the desired area. Today this is a popular option in large part because CT images tend to be more detailed than other types.

Prime Diagnostic Imaging MRI clinics in the Dallas-Forth Worth area specialize in a wide range of diagnostic imaging tests. Our CT scan services utilize state-of-the-art technology and are designed to help physicians better understand injuries, ailments, and other issues. Our staff are highly-trained and able to answer any questions you may have about CT scans or other forms of diagnostic imaging.

What to Expect

CT scans are a crucial part of any diagnosis that involves internal organs, bones, soft tissue, or blood vessels. Developed in 1974, CT scans are able to take images from multiple angles, which allows doctors to see where the problem is and determine what the best treatment path is moving forward. Because a CT scan can quickly visualize almost all parts of the body, it is used in many different, pertinent situations.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when undergoing a CT scan:

  • Before the scan begins you may be instructed to drink an oral contrast solution or have an IV started
    • This will allow your medical team to see the images more clearly and determine where the issues lie
    • Keep in mind that the IV may feel a little warm and may even give you the sensation of needing to urinate
  • Then you will go to the CT machine and the CT camera will take images from multiple angles
  • The exam typically takes about 20 minutes or less
  • Patients can expect to hear results from the scan in about 24-48 hours.
    • This is a general timeframe – please discuss your particular case with your physician

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