3.0T Wide Bore MRI with MAVRIC SL

Prime Diagnostic Imaging is proud to offer the 3.0T Wide Bore MRI at our Plano location. The 3.0T MRI allows us to produce advanced images that are simply not possible using a 1.5T machine. Our 3.0T MRI and accompanying MAVRIC SL software offers many benefits for various imaging procedures:

  • Prostate – No rectal coil insert and a 16 channel flex coil means enhanced comfort for the patient
  • Female Pelvis – First dedicated coil to visualize the female pelvis with enhanced sequences built for this procedure only
  • Abdomen MRI/MRCP – Reduces procedure time from 1.5 hours to 45 minutes, patient enters feet first, 48 active coils vs. 24
  • Head & Brain – 48 head active coils, scans head/neck feet first, Propeller Sequencing reduces motion artifact from movement
  • Orthopedic – MAVRIC SL software allows us to generate precise and clear images even when metal implants are present

About Wide Bore MRI’s

To give you a better idea of what you can expect when undergoing a procedure in our 3.0T Wide Bore MRI, here are a few facts:

  • Wide Bore (Open) MRI scanners are open on both sides to improve patient comfort, twice as big as traditional MRI’s
  • The 3.0T Wide Bore MRI is designed to accommodate claustrophobia, as well as physically larger patients
  • Prime Diagnostic Imaging’s 3.0T Open MRI is also able to perform a wide range of highly specialized and necessary exams, including prostate, female pelvis, abdomen, head/neck, and orthopedic scans where metal implants are present, as well as all traditional 1.5T MRI exams

One of the primary benefits of our 3.0T Wide Bore MRI in Plano, TX is that it allows us to get patients in and out quickly which helps for those with MRI claustrophobia and patients experiencing severe pain. It also provides our doctors with incredibly detailed and specific images, giving them the tools they need to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. By offering the 3.0T Wide Bore MRI at Prime Diagnostic Imaging, it is our goal to help patients and doctors both in generating quick and accurate results.

If you are a patient or doctor and have any questions regarding the 3.0T MRI at Prime Diagnostic Imaging in Dallas-Fort Worth, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.